11th Annual Rock N' Run May 14, 2022

  • 5K/10K Walk/Run & 11th Annual Rock N' Run May 14, 2022

    The Rock N' Run is back and in person! Join us on May 14, 2022 at beautiful Coca-Cola Park in Allentown, PA and help us help children impacted by foster care!

    Enjoy free food, music, and more.

    Rock this run for fun, for fitness, and for glory. But most of all, rock it for The Salvation Army Children's Services' work to help foster and adoptive children and families.


Event Overview

  • 11th Annual Rock N' Run May 14, 2022

  • 5K & 5K Walk


    10K & 10K Walk


  • 11th Annual Rock N' Run Details

    • T-Shirt
    • Certificate

Why We Run

  • We run because The Salvation Army Children’s Services guides and supports families who step up to create loving, healing homes for the thousands of children in foster care or waiting for adoption in PA.

    We run because when it comes to helping kids, we’re all in.

  • Ben's Story

    I’m Ben Fogel and I’m thankful for my home. I wouldn’t have this home if Salvation Army wasn’t involved because I was in foster care. The ways I’m thankful can be expressed through my tellings but it is hard to put on paper. I’ll just say that I’m happy, not just for me but for others like me. Thank you, Salvation Army for everything you do and everything you will do in the future. I hope everyone will find a place in this world because I did. All because of YOU!

  • Registration Form

    Click here for a form to let you register old school style. Online registration is also availble.

  • Sponsors

    Our sponsors are community heroes looking out for kids and families. If you’re feeling heroic or would like to, click here to learn how to help.

  • Donate

    We need your help to continue supporting children impacted by foster care and families who are growing through adoption.

  • Volunteer

    Volunteeer Opportunities

  • Teams

    Spread the word and invite friends and family to be part of your team. Encourage and motivate each other and make an even bigger impact for kids in foster care!

Highlights from Rock N' Runs Past!

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